missed connections

and the spaces between them

Thursday, January 01, 2004


MC with my IM list resolution
Date: 2003-12-31, 6:06PM

I have to do it this time and stick with it.
Every time I see you on and ignoring hurts more than you know.
It feels like a stab in my heart each and every time.
Six more hours to go.
I have to do this for me. I want my life back.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003


to my beautiful boy on new year's eve - w4m - 29
Date: 2003-12-31, 12:40AM

we will both be with other people tonight and I am trying to constantly convince myself that this is for the best. when the clock strikes midnight, just know that I will be thinking of you and wish we could be together instead.
you will forever be in my heart.


I dream of you... - 33
Date: 2003-12-31, 12:08AM

... I write poems about you, I look at most women wondering if that could be you. More often than not I hope it isn't you cause I know you're supposed to be very special and very few are. I'm not really searching, you know, but I do keep thinking about you. Not always, though, I have to admit. Every once in a while I just admire a beautiful ass. But that's OK, I know you do it, too...

Until we meet or miss the connection


Is There Love After You?
Date: 2003-12-29, 10:17AM

To quote a song..."Is there breath after breath? Is there life after death? Is there love after you?"
This will be the sixth NYE since you died. The sixth time I resolve to starting a new year telling myself that you died, I didn't and that I can continue on without you. And the sixth time I'll have to admit that I'm wrong. Because when you died, I went with you.


I'm sorry... - w4m - 26
Date: 2003-12-28, 6:59PM

You'll probably never see this, but I just wanted to say I missed seeing you this holiday. I went about things all wrong and I'm sorry...I wish I could take everything back. I think of you as one of my best friends and I hope that won't ever change. I would love it to be something more, but I'm not sure if that's in the cards. In any case, I miss you and I'd love to talk to you soon. I was just frustrated and taking it out on you and want you to know I didn't mean what I said. If you see this you'll know it's for you.


in love? - m4w - 20
Date: 2003-12-23, 4:48PM

I've known you, dated you, and slept beside you. I've held you, kissed you, and been by your side when I could. I've needed you, wanted you, and missed you. But our relationship has never been easy.

Our passion runs deep, but is often broken apart. While I've hardly ever shared passion and lust like ours, we are constantly apart. I have never told you that I love you, but I just may. I think that it is impossible for me to say that I don't love you, in some way. While I cannot say this to your face, as you are taken, I also have no one to share my frustration with.

Not many in my life have been as devoted to me as you. Your love, sweetness, devotion, passion, and charm are intoxicating. I hope he knows how good he has it. I certainly do.


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